Fathers For Fire Safety

Fathers For Fire Safety (FFFS) was founded in 2007 by two fathers who lost their daughters in fires.  After being alerted to the deficiencies of ionization smoke alarms by a lone Boston fire chief, the fathers began to extensively research smoke alarm technology.  Their independent research led them to a very disturbing discovery.  The type of smoke alarm (ionization) that most Americans have in their home is extremely flawed. The FFFS strongly advocate for photoelectric smoke alarm technology and believe that it is  imperative for everyone to have this type of alarm in their homes.  Please watch this video.

The mission of the FFFS is to advocate for photoelectric smoke alarm technology and to make sure the public is protected against preventable fire deaths.  We support firefighters, home inspectors, legislators and all others who are getting the message out regarding the need for photoelectric smoke alarms.  In this group are many parents who question whether or not their children would be alive today had they only known.  The FFFS will continue to educate the public about smoke alarm technology and will dispute those who are attempting to maintain the status quo by telling the public that all smoke alarms are basically the same.  It is time for those who have a self interest in protecting the status quo to find their voice and do what is right.